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Mission Statement

Elflandea is a social movement that is created to show real life problems, lessons in history and overcoming great misfortune and tragedy. At the core of Elflandea is the struggle for survival for a society of Elves and their search for the 20 High Elven Artifacts. Despite their great power, the Elves still need to deal with the personal aspects that people of today are undertaking today. Elflandea is more than a game, art or television show. Elflandea is a way of thinking that transcends life by brings out the best in people. These stories were written to improve the world and set a moral example that has never been seen before. Yes we have real cool dragons but beneath the ribbons and bows the core is an underlying message of self and world improvement.

The storyline was created 30 years ago, through actual game play. But the scripting came to life through real life experiences. It's what I like to call Semi-Fiction. Elflandea is more than a game or art, it’s a social movement a fantasy world of might, magic, drama, romance a place where dreams do come true. At the same time these stories are rooted in world history. The facts and stories are a tribute to the real heroes of the past and today are just a part of this magical tale. The dialogue in the scripting is based upon real stories with real people. Elflandea is a branded social movement, with a hidden message in each episode. Yes we are creating a game first, something fun that people can enjoy. But in reality its more than just the game or the stunning art that is created by our team of world class artists. The story line is about elves but they have many of the same issues that people have today. It’s a parallel of real people with real problems. We are also going to create concepts that have never been seen before like armored Pegasus. Not the ones you find on a teenagers wall, I am talking about a mithril clad monster that is fast and a fighting platform used for dog fighting and close ground support i.e. P-51 Mustang. The scripting calls for dog fighting Pegasus using WW2 fighting maneuvers vs poison breathing dragons. I am a student of history so the essence is all based on aspects of real life past experiences. The dialogue is based upon occurrences that have happened to me or the people around me. Semi fiction brings depth into the project.

Elflandea sets an example of awakening people’s minds. All too often the traditional way of thinking is grab what you can for yourself. This selfishness is so left brained fearful, it simply reeks of insecurity! We have a choice to elevate everyone around us and make this world a better place, when we are challenged with adversity. Or we can stifle the world for personal gain only. Is this the world that we want our children to inherit? Elflandea will introduce a new cultural mindset which has a core message of cooperation vs base selfishness. I like many parents are concerned about the world’s direction and if we do nothing to help our children then our country our world will truly become a bleak existence. Elflandea will awaken a new method of thinking that puts the end goal as the objective.

Elflandea is a guiding light in an otherwise darkened existence. Most people have fragile egos and are simply insecure since their base motivations are fear and greed. True leadership is defined by great personal sacrifice not by how best to manipulate others through deceit and treachery. One of the world’s greatest leaders Alexander the Great lead his army from the front and was never defeated. We need to show historical examples like these. All too often lying and stealing from friends, family and others in “business” is becoming all too common. People are motivated by what they can get, not what they can offer. We will see this in the scripting because this is what people are enduring every day, including myself. This problem is so common place that the world is becoming desensitized to the crimes against humanity that occurs on a daily basis. People today are looking for the short term fix instead of long term security. The need of the one is outweighing the social and moral fiber of the group. When I was putting together the artist team I continuously met artists that were demanding very high fees for each image. The costing was prohibitive in continuing the project, and I can see how it would be impossible for any project to work if everyone demanded what they wanted and had no foresight of the larger potential in what we are accomplishing. We need to show the world that there is a better way. That working with each other the people of earth can win when we stifle our egos and think globally instead of selfishly. Elflandea is going to address hot social issues of today and send a clear message on how to build survival skills. Our mission more than anything is to shape the hearts and minds of individuals and illicit action above words. We are scripting to discuss, drug usage ( legalization), plight of single parents, relationships between parents and their children, true love, war, loss, gain, financial destitute, mental illness, reincarnation, homosexuality, stealing, scams in short anything and everything that is real life today is present in Elflandea.

All of the images of Elflandea look like photos of a fantasy world. I decided to go with digital look because Elflandea needs to look real. Historical accuracy is a must have. The story line that I created addresses real life issues and the storyboard and card art needs to look realistic. The art needs to look realistic in order to show our audience that the story is real. Also the setting is a fantasy world so the backgrounds need to be diverse too. The background images are important as well, we need to take our audience away to a place where they can escape. When you read through the entire story line for elf 1, you will understand the message.

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Welcome to the clan of Elflandea.
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