Adonis - Noble Elf High Priest to Hanali Celenial upper level Ranger and Mage. Believes that he is the Elven version of Adonis and Aphrodite. Has delusions that he will one day marry his Goddess and fulfil his prophecy. Adonis comes from the Greek Plane of existence. Adonis is married to Donica, father to Premena, Qualenadra and Vareann. He writes a love poem every week. He has a strong bond with his wife a hopeless romantic relationship, but has a strained relationship with his children. He is tougher on them than most parents and expects more than they feel that they could ever deliver. Premena loves and respects him but is often has insecurities because of Adonis being hard on him. Adonis wields the Staff of Aeirdrane and Sword of Towlin. He was sent to The Elves of Sacramena by his Goddess to help them rebuild and has been with them for several centuries.

Adonis has psionic ability and several powerful magic items Well of the Worlds, teleportation amulet, Girdle of Air Giant Strength, Force Wand; he has 3 of the Rings of the Elements of Power to form the Bracelet and desires the 4th (air), Rod of Reflection, polymorph wand, Sword of Towlin, Staff of Aierdrane and a Wand of Lightning. Adonis has a Mini Dragon that is fully armed with his own Wand of Lightning. Adonis has a huge following of creatures and followers, many mid and upper level characters follow him. Adonis owns one of the largest tree houses in all Sacremena. He has infantry, heavy calvary and a wing of Pegasus garrisoned at his tree house. Adonisí best friend is Corwin they form an unbeatable pair. Adonis has been defeated by Fellamore on several occasions.

Adonis has done extensive missions with Korin and convinced his friend to join the Celenials away from the temple of the Correlians, by allowing Korin to command his Pegasus wing. Adonisí second in command is Farwin that has similar training and skills as Adonis. Adonis also has scribe and alchemy skills and is always looking for odd and unusual components for magic.

Hundreds of years ago Adonis trained under Koponate and the relationship worked well as long as Koponate was getting all of the credit. But when the Elves of Sacramena started to see that Adonis was accomplishing feats and missions beyond his mentor, Koponate was envious. Adonis and Koponate are bitter rivals and defeated Koponate in the duel of Valkatal and won the rights to the Staff of Aeridrane.

Donica - High Priestess to Hanali Celenial. A Noble Elf, she was ordered here by her Goddess from the Greek Plane of existence with her twin sister Marlinica. Both are upper level clerics and mages. They helped to train Adonis to name level so that he could win his independence away from Koponate. Donica is married to Adonis and they work well together in their mission in changing Elven behavior and unlocking the hidden potential that resides in everyone. She is extremely beautiful and makes men desire her when she doesnít try. Both she and her sister run the temple and the internal operations. Donica is mother to Premena, Qualeandra and Vareann. She worries a lot about them and is a strong provider for her children, perhaps too much. She is able to balance out Adonis and his toughness. Donica has her story told in 3 and 5. She completely believes in Adonis and his mission is making everyone better.

Aeratheas - Noble Elven magic user, low to mid-level. She is supportive, romantic, kind hearted and a loving soul mate to Premena. Her parents were mages that were killed on the Elemental plane of Earth. She was stranded there for many years and was rescued by Premena on his quest to use the Flower of Power while on a Quest for the Formaris Ant Queen. She is very beautiful and highly intelligent. Aretheas owns a Rod of Reflection. Aeratheas might not have the resolve in magic use, but she is a strong influence to Premena and where he is weak, on the emotional side she makes up his deficiencies. Her influence makes him stronger.

Esto - Tiera-Gray Elf Fighter (longsword specialist)/ Thief/Mage- lower level at the start of Elflandea 1, youngest son to Anadar and Callisto. He is a good sword fighter, but prefers to attack from surprise. He was given a Wand of Fireballs by his father Anadar. He partners with her younger sister Tiera. He will gun on the back of his older Brotherís Pegasus or Gas Dragon, a fair shot with a bow, prefers using the wand. Also has magical swords, leather armor and a magic bag that allows him pull a random animal once per day.

Hamalin the Homebody - High elf- researcher and entrepreneur he follows Adonis and has extensive knowledge of monsters and their magic. He will pay good money for rare monster parts and pieces, which is part of his business plan. He is also very enterpenural and has wholesaled real estate properties, created trade pacts and is currently marketing a unique spice blend that he calls REIT sauce. Hamlin runs one of the most popular tree renovating business in all Sacramena. He is good at negotiating and writes good contracts at least from his perspective. He can be greedy at times and is a true capitalist. He is a master at marketing products and has somehow managed to market his REIT sauce across throughout all planes, Elves really like eating his sauce.

Koponate - Noble Elf High Elven Priest (Corillion Larethian), Fighter and Mage. The undisputed leader of the Elven faith and best field commander in the history of all the Elves of Sacramena. Kopionate is an elf of tradition and tremendous ability. He loves being at the center of attention and will do whatever it takes to maintain his high hero status. His love interest is the High Elven Queen Ranadar. Koponate invented the parachute drop to supply ground forces and has led many campaigns against the Orcs. He has retrieved the Bowl of Duris and Staff of Aeirdrane. Koponate believes in tradition and ensures that his race will survive.

Koponate always desires to be the supreme hero of the Elves of Sacremena. He desires power and sees it as something that should be owned. He always wants to be on the forefront of any opportunity to gain personal glory. He is conservative and never wants time to change. He is stubborn and wants things done his way only. He once trained Adonis but become insecure about his student achieving more greatness than himself and now they are bitter rivals. Koponate lost the duel of Valkatal to Adonis and his rights to the Staff of Aeirdrane. Koponate has been blessed by Corillion Larethian himself.

Premena - Grey elf; son to Adonis and Donica. He is a mid-level approaching upper level Cleric of Celenial, Ranger, Magic User. He struggles with his relationship with his father, who he is always trying to please and is constantly being compared to. Premena is marred by his fatherís psionic training. He is loyal to his friends and will go out of his way to do the right thing. Sometimes he is a bit emotional. His sword play is one of the best in the realm. His true love is Aeratheas, they share a close and healthy relationship based upon respect caring and understanding. As a high priest to the God of Elven Love he should be artful in true love. Premena has significant magic and items that include his Staff of Wizardry, the Jacinth of the Empire, magic protection (adaptation, displacement, protection, boots of speed, bracers of defense), air elemental command ring, wings of the flying, Djinni ring and several magic swords (dancing, (2)+5) and a huge ancient Gold dragon that he rescued from a time warp. His best friend is his cousin Carrick. They both played a significant role in eliminating the slavers, giants and orcs from the world of Black Hawk and reestablishing the rule of the House of Jacinth for Corwin (Carrickís father). He has also worked very hard for his father in obtaining the Bracelet of Elemental command. He has quested successfully for and used the Flower of Power.

Ranadar - Vail Elf and is the Highest ranking Elf in the kingdom she is the undisputed queen and rules Elflandea she and is the highest level Cavalier and has formed a very powerful band of female elves that are at the core of all Sacramena. Her family is of noble linage and was entitled to the throne, but she seized power through accomplishments not birth right. The Elven Queen rules, by accomplishment not birth right, and can be "releived" of her position if she does not do enough for her people. 3rd Armor, a heavy Calvary unit under her command all ride unicorns and they are a very accomplished group, no land based riders would want to fight them. The unicorns ability of never being surprised and the ability to dimension door makes this unit tactically tough to fight. They can quickly gain a flank and run through any opposing unit. Ranadar can be a bit wild at times and disappears for weeks at a time with her band of virgin Unicorn riders on mushroom adventures in the Giant Woods. Her rise to power is documented in Elflandea 4.

Tiera - Noble Elf Fighter (longsword specialist)/ Thief- lower level at the start of Elflandea 1, youngest daughter to Anadar and Callisto. She is a good sword fighter, but prefers to attack from surprise. She often likes to use her guile in manipulating situations. She partners with her older brother Esto. She will gun on the back of her fatherís Pegasus or Acrid Dragon, a fair shot with a bow. Also has magical swords, leather armor and a wand of fireballs.

Salagath - High Elf Assistant High Priest/Mage of Corellians he has been a friend to Koponate for several centuries and is a well-known politician in Sacramena. He sits on the council of judges passing judgment on the most important matters of Elven state. He also runs the internal workings of the Koponateís organization as the operations manager to the Corellianís main temple. Salagath enjoys the finer side of life, and spares no expenses to his creature comforts. He is both shrewd and loyal to Koponate and a powerful ally. A bit materialistic he enjoys spending all the wood chips that he earns. He understands well how to manipulate others in order to achieve a desired result. He wants whatever he can in order to benefit himself. He can justify the smashing of a few souls by simply stating that itís just business. Salagath is an upper level Cleric. He is the perfect example that might is measured often beyond martial arts and magical ability, mastery of the hearts and minds of people will win the day, no matter the cost.
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