Celine Boivin known as Le Regard des Elfes and creates Elflandea's original art work.

Celine B is an artist who enjoys photomanipulation and currently resides in Provence, in the South of France. She is fascinated with fairies, animals particularly cats and foxes, pagan religions, and mythology basically, anything surrounding fantasy.

She studied in a school for fine arts for three years. After a break from her art for several years, Celine came back to her passion in a different way. She stopped using oils and watercolors to concentrate on digital and photomanipulation realizations.

She works on Photoshop CS5 with a Wacom tablet. She’s learned the basics in a short course and that alone improved her. Celine considers herself self-taught.

Celine is an animal lover, totally fascinated by cats. That coupled with her love of everything fantasy and she's blanketed in inspiration with it all."

  Rose Johnson Branch has had a sincere passion for entertainment since the age of 7 and is one of Elflandea's voice over actors.

Rose is an accomplished playwright, actress, voice over, and commercial/scriptwriter. Rose's focus/goal has always been to align herself with meaningful projects that have an inspiring message, and has made a commitment to never stop reinventing herself.

  Bruce Wayne Glasgow ( AKA: Batman) and is one of Elflandea's voice over actors as well as one of our marketing partners.

Native Houstonian, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Partner & COO of Sikk Shades by Eddie Bauer Jr, Partner of Kill Incorporated, Love to participate in FUN projects, Seeker of Spiritual Fulfillment, Loving Life and Living the Dream! PEACE!!!
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