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No doubt we are all a product of our life experiences. Viewers want to see something that is developed and fully created original material, but also something that they can connect with. Audiences are more sophisticated than ever and good writing with developed characters, theme, a plot that begs for more and adding more than what is expected is essential for building a foundation for a successful project. No doubt there are a lot of writers that are begging to get someone to pick up their script. But what sets us apart is truly our life experiences and the ability to connect with people.

Creation of a world for many writers is stealing someone else idea and concept and labeling it as their own. I am sure people can loosely define inspiration, this might win a project but this can't create a brand. Original content that is fully defined is what viewers are willing to pay for. Audiences today are technologically savvy, information based and emotionally driven. They want to escape the world we live in and enter into another world, but they want to connect with characters and plots that they can associate with and become a definition to their own life.

For 35 years, I have been telling stories. It started and continues with the Dungeon and Dragons campaigns that I have played. But what makes for a good campaign that enthralls both players and audiences is defining the world with reality. Viewers want to know about a fully developed world, such as how Star Trek defines the time/space continuum. They also want to know more about the history of characters, why the protagonist wants to win. Good vs evil with a few special effects is really 1990s television.

In order to create a believable world, a writer must know the world we live and have real life history. All of the dialogue that I have written is based upon real life conversations. The characters are based on a person that currently exists or as someone inside of me. I might be writing for a fictional world, but in reality its semi fiction. Semi fiction takes our everyday experiences and transports the viewer into another reality. Everything that I write about will have a social morale message that is happening today- drug use, parents, religion, love, relationships, loyalty, greed, power, racism, bullying; improving/degrading the world. I write to go beyond good vs evil, because we are stewards of how people think and with that responsibility we need to show a better example to people. When you read the end of the sample, the love stories of Adonis and Donica the marriage that has stayed strong for centuries and the newer relationship between Premena and Aretheas is real dialogue that I had in my previous relationships. Elflandea needs to be believably accurate in all aspects so that people can connect with the characters. So the dialogue in the scripting is based upon real stories with real people.

Likewise, the scripting came to life through real life experiences too. It's what I like to call Semi-Fiction. Elflandea is more than a game or art, it's a social movement a fantasy world of might, magic, drama, romance a place where dreams do come true. At the same time Elflandea is rooted in world, local and personal history. Facts and stories, are tributes to the real heroes of the past and today of this world. Elflandea is a social movement, a brand. The story line is about elves but they have many of the same issues that people have today. Itís a parallel of real people with real problems. We are going to create concepts that have never been seen before like armored Pegasus. Not the ones you find on a teenagers wall, I am talking about a mithril clad monster that is fast and a fighting platform used for dog fighting and close ground support ie. P-51 Mustang. The scripting calls for dog fighting Pegasus using WW2 fighting maneuvers vs poison breathing dragons. I am a student of history so the essence is all based on aspects of real life past experiences. The dialogue is based upon occurrences that have happened to me or the people around me. Semi fiction brings depth into the project.

The writing style has its own format. The original first story was written in Final Draft, but after reading the work I found it incomplete. Elflandea is so much deeper than what you can write on an abridged scripted version, there is so much history and background into each character, events, items and history. I was told to write a book, and get it published. But why do I need to pay someone $10,000 to write it in there format when they donít do the most important part which is market the story. So we decided to self-publish instead. And in that process we created the Semi Fiction writing style. A simple easy to read method that communicates details in a very concise and abridged version. People are too busy these days to read a thousand pages, so semi fiction is much shorter to read but gives the reader all of the detailed background except as direct as script. Julius Caesar had his own writing style that simply communicated to the public in a concise and direct way, so does Semi Fiction.

Smaug the Dragon asks Bilbo who he is. My answer- contrarian, investor in stocks/real estate, retail store manager, valet, financial planner, real estate guru, father, ex-husband, college activist, poet, lover, manufacturing expert, salesman, educator, fisherman, military historian, cook, athlete, clinical pathology, hopeless romantic, hunter, animal handler, mentor, outdoorsman, entrepreneur, business owner, atheist/Christian, traveler, martial artist, biologist BS degree, clinical pathologist, friend, gamer, psychologist BS degree and above all student in life's lessons.

Mike Woo
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